Saturday, March 29, 2014

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in 410 Dynamic

Thanks to the weirdly overblown marketing copy, I had no desire to even try this on until -- you guessed it, a friendly Estee Lauder SA in Nordie's started up a conversation and next thing I knew I was sitting in the makeover chair trying on different shades of this beautiful new lipstick.  The selection of twenty-one shades definitely has something for everyone, from conservative neutrals, nudes, bright pinks and fuscias to dramatic reds.  Supposedly these are long lasting, moisturizing, and pigmented (everyone seems to be saying that about their new lippies this season, is it contagious?).

I thought the packaging was just gorgeous, so sleek with just enough heft to feel substantial, but not like an anvil in your pocket like *cough* YSL *cough* others I could name.  The dark blue metallic case is trimmed with gold at either end (not real gold!) with the Estee Lauder logo embossed on the top.  It's magnetic and closes with a satisfying "snap."  Nice design, Estee Lauder!  Simple, elegant, and classy.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in 410 Dynamic

Short-term impression:  The formula felt very lightweight and silky and glided right on with a pretty satin finish.  It's more or less full coverage with one swipe, although as always lighter colors seem more translucent.    Dynamic (swatched above) is described on the EL site as a mid-tone warm neutral and looks like a nice warm rose.  I also swatched Rebellious Rose which was the same mid-tone but with more pink in it (sadly they were OOS already).  Intense Nude (mid-tone rosy neutral) was, weirdly, exactly my natural lip shade.  Emotional was in the brick red category, described on the site as warm rusty brown.

About my lips:  Dry, chapped, purple-tinged, please just cover them up with something!
My lippie requirements:  Hydration, pigmentation, prefer no shimmer, and definitely no glitter.

Conclusion:  Did this lipstick cause six foot tall blue-eyed blond women to glare at me in envy (see ridiculous ad campaign)?  No.  Did it make me feel powerful because everyone was apparently envying me due to this magic lip product (see ridiculous ad copy)?  Heck, no!  But the formula definitely feels in line with newer lipsticks that somehow manage to be lightweight, silky, moisturizing, AND pigmented all at the same time.
Day-long wear test coming soon!


  1. Ohhh! I cannot wait to hear your final thoughts on this new line of lipsticks! It helps that it no longer smells like the traditional Estee Lauder lipsticks, which they claimed were meant to smell like fig (LOL!)

    1. Great point, this one has (to me) a pretty faint vanilla type scent. The SA I spoke to mentioned that EL has some new creative director person who's intent on turning the company's image around, i.e. no more old-lady makeup, LOL!